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Albany Art Room Camps

There are no refunds for camps unless we are able to fill the spot with another customer.

Please read this before you register for a camp!


Is an Albany Art Room summer camp right for your child? 


1.  Given a choice of any activity, does your child select something creative like drawing, painting, or writing?

2.  Does your child routinely ask for art supplies as a holiday or birthday gift?

3.  Does your child spend hours on creative projects?

4.  Did your child ask to be in art camp?


We want to make sure that all of our participants get the most out of our camps and benefit from the type of open-ended creative opportunities we design. Unlike a short class or an hour of open studio, constructive participation in our camps requires a serious interest. The participants can be at any level of skill or experience but the interest needs to be there for this to be a good fit. Please note that we do not have an outdoor play space, so while snack and lunch breaks might take place outside, these breaks may not provide the level of activity some children require throughout the day. If you want to expose a child to visual art who has not yet developed a clear interest in it, please consider one of our classes or a visit during open studio hours instead of a camp.


If you would like to discuss whether our camps would be a good fit for your child, please email or call (518) 915-1091.

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