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How to cook a turkey in a kiln

1. Build kiln posts and shelves up to a height that is comfortable to load and unload the turkey.

2. Prepare your turkey in a covered (keep out any flying glaze particles) roasting pan - ours was a 13 pound turkey with butter, olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.

3. Place covered roasting pan on shelf.

4. Program your kiln. Here is how we did it:


prog 1

segs 1

RA 1000

°F 325

Hold 3.00 (adjust depending on the size of your turkey)

Alrm 9999 (standard)

5. Press start.

6. At the end of the program, we checked the turkey with a meat thermometer. 

note: this method is not endorsed by SKUTT

putting turkey in kiln.jpg
turkey cooked in kiln.jpg
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